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Stay PreppedCurrent and incoming undergraduates are provided a roadmap for navigating through the college maze, including topics and strategies that go far beyond the classroom:
Dorm Life and Different Types of Roommates
Money Management
Finding Financial Aid Opportunities
Maintaining Physical and Mental Health
Developing Proper Time-Management and Study Skills
Information for First-Generation College Students


Front CoverFind all the information you need and more to ensure your student has the most competitive advantage possible when applying to universities:
Identifying Schools and Majors
Completing Admissions Applications
Changes to the SAT and ACT
New Financial Aid Opportunities
Information for First-Generation College Students
Completing the FAFSA
Post-Decision Activities


SpanishEncuentra toda la información que necesitas y más para asegurar que su estudiante tiene la ventaja más competitiva posible al aplicar a las universidades:
La identificación de las Escuelas y Mayores
Completando Admisiones Aplicaciones
Cambios en el SAT y el ACT
Nuevas oportunidades de ayuda financiera
Información para los de primera generación Estudiantes Universitarios
Cómo llenar la FAFSA